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10 Realistic New Years Goals

Don’t get too ambitious when making your NY resolution.  At least 40% will break theirs before January is through. Our downfall in this is that we make the wrong ones

5 Top Tips for a Romantic Valentines

The day is almost upon us where half of the population show their affection for a loved one by sending cards, flowers or chocolates. Around £1.3 billion is spent yearly


As a bit of a Hoody & Sweatshirt Addict I needed one of these in my life! Today is my birthday and for the last couple of weeks hubby has

Teething Then Vs Now

Teething had always been around unlike some of the many products available today.  Lets have a look at some of the things used to help and sooth teething over the

Baby weight – can wait!

Baby weight & Festivities are a challenge... Unless you are one of the lucky few, you’re bound to have a bit of excess weight post baby, perhaps some new stretch

5 Perfect Festive Gifts from Gumigem

We have Christmas covered... The Breastfeeding mum:   Our pendants make wonderful breastfeeding accessories,  a convenient pendant for mum to wear, that looks stunning and is always to hand. It

Top Tips for Christmas

From the 1st December we shall see a change in the way we behave, perhaps getting a little manic over the run up to Christmas.  We all just want to create

Baby’s First Christmas – Expectation V Reality!

'It’s the most wonderful time of the year’, as they say and even more so now you’re a parent of a beautiful bouncing baby! You are excited and have lots

Babyloss Awareness

Every year the 9th – 15th October is Babyloss Awareness Week. The week ends with Babyloss Awareness Day on 15th October.  This day is recognised throughout the world as Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Car Seats and the LAW!

New Regulations are being introduced towards the end of this year banning backless booster seats. At present children weighing 15kg (or around 3/4years) can travel in these seats however studies